Get your HiStand

HiStand was created to be a perfect match for HiAm and HiCan, allowing you to create a complete smart bedroom. But it is also designed to be sold stand alone for those who want to start living the experience of owning a smart furniture from Hi-Interiors that will help sleep better, wake up refreshed, and start your day on the right foot. The pre-order campaign is live till the end of June 2022, and the shipment is scheduled for the end of 2022.

By confirming your pre-order, you have secured the priority for taking delivery of your HiStand within the second semester of 2022. While this pre-order secures your delivery priority, it does not constitute the final order. When the start of production nears, we will contact you will receive a final Order Confirmation.

Since this is a pre-order campaign, please note the images are a mere indication and the product is susceptible to changes in the design for production improvement.

We are thrilled to be in all dreamers’ bedroom soon!